Happy Birthday Porter Robinson: A Look Back At His Illustrious Career

Porter Robinson just made another trip around the sun! To honor the esteemed producer's birthday, we have compiled a short list featuring some of the most memorable moments made throughout his illustrious career. 

"Say My Name" 2010


Porter erupted on to the scene with this track, skyrocketing him to #1 on the Beatport. It's marked as the track to first catch the eye of Skrillex, who later took him on the tour that would kick-start his career.  

Spitfire EP 2011


During the tour, he landed himself his first long-form project which became the first release on Skrillex's OWSLA imprint. It topped the iTunes Dance chart and Beatport, crashing the latter's servers upon release. 

Worlds  2014


As Porter geared up to release his debut album, his distain for the genre he was boxed into grew. Thus, Worlds showed a different side to the producer, focusing more on melodies, and steering away from the heavy bass productions he was known to release previously. After the growing pains of fans missing his old sound subsided, the album went on become one of his most prized works. It also laid down the groundwork for many of the indie-electronic artists we see today. 

"Shelter" with Madeon 2016


Porter and Madeon grew up in the industry together, having shared music between each other since as far back as 2005. When they came together to release the hit track "Shelter," neither could have predicted the response it would receive. It went on to inspire a short film and an over forty-stop tour which spread across several continents. 

Virtual Self 2017


Never one to conform to genres, Porter once again shifted gears with the creation of his alias Virtual Self, a hard dance and neo-trance side project. His track "Ghost Voices" went on to receive a Grammy nomination. 

Secret Sky Music Festival 2019


Very few artists are bold enough to launch their own music festivals, but when you have a following as devote as Porter's, it's bound to be a recipe for success. The two day event hosted in the San Francisco Bay sold out in less than an hour, and showcased his passion for giving a platform to rising artists. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Porter Robinson's accomplishments over the years. What are some of your most memorable moments of his career? Leave a comment below and make sure to wish him a Happy Birthday while you are at it!  

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