GoFundMe: Robbie McPhail

Recently, one of our employee's family members came down with Covid-19 that led him hospitalized on a ventilator in critical condition. He has since then made a positive turn for the better and is on his way to recovery, but the medical bills have been weighing heavily on his family. That is why we wanted to reach out to our community to help Robbie and his family get back on their feet.

Robbie started with Electric Family in 2017 working remotely from his hometown of Denver, CO., managing our festival booths across North America. He vended at a total of 34 festivals in two seasons between '17 and '18. From Toronto to El Paso, LA to Tampa, he's shown us and our community his positivity and upbeat character through his love of dance music. Many of you probably have had the chance to meet him at one of our booths, many are now lifelong friends of his.

An industry professional who has been selling merch for over 13 years, we thank him for dedicated work for Electric Family. Robbie is now a Senior Account Manager for our Top Drawer Merch division which focuses on managing artist merchandise programs.

To help Robbie and his family, visit his GoFundMe page HERE.

Any little bit helps and we thank you for always being a part of the Fam!