Honor Fallen Bear Grillz Fan Who Passes From Colliding With Drunk Driver

Early this morning I received some terrible news from my good friend Bear Grillz. Usually when I receive a message from him, it comes with a sarcastic, friendly tone; one that is delivering something humorous, or just utterly ridiculous.

However, this message was something different. Something was troubling him. The event that sparked this sadness was the loss of a fan. On Wednesday, November 23rd, Bear Grillz played a show in Colorado Springs, which went as you just may expect, but it's what happened after the show that shifted everything.

Two fans from the show were driving back home and during their return home they were hit by a drunk driver. One of the individuals is in critical condition, and the other passed away. Anytime someone in our community passes, it stings deep, but when there is a drunk driver involved, the cut is even worse.

The passing of Kyle Nackos could have been avoided with some common sense. No matter what we say or do, we unfortunately can't bring anyone back from these circumstances, but what we can do is honor their memory by changing the way we behave. Don't drink and drive. It's plain and simple.

Kyle's passing was unexpected and untimely. This holiday season is forever changed for his family. A funeral fund was set up to aid the Nackos family with funeral costs, as well as easing the burden for them this holiday season. Read what Bear Grillz had to say below, and head to the page to donate. Now more than ever is a time to spread some positivity.

"I am both shocked and deeply saddened by the loss of Kyle Nackos. By all accounts from everyone I've spoken to, he seemed to be such a great young man with a full life of massive potential ahead of him. I'm asking our great community to help support his family and please donate for his funeral. Anything will help! Even it's just a message of positivity, I'm sure the family will appreciate it. Let's show the Nackos family that we stand up and support all members of our amazing community. Much love everyone <3"
- Bear Grillz

GoFundMe Campaign

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