How To Keep Your Possessions Safe While Attending a Festival

It should come as no surprise when news of thievery arise after a major festival. It's a sad reality that attendees must face. Pickpocketers realize most people are wrapped up in the music and experience vs noticing their belongings. 

EDC Orlando was the latest to be hit in a widespread phone theft heist. A man was stopped and accused of stealing dozens of cellphones during the last day of the festival. Carlos Perez-Hernandez pickpocketed at least 34 phones worth more than $20,000.

He was apprehended after someone alerted authorities that a man in a tie-dyed hoodie was pulling phones out of people's pockets near the main stage. Investigators said they had all had been set to airplane mode so the location couldn't be tracked.

So what can you do to prevent something like this from happening to you? Here are some tips to help keep your possessions safe from the thieves who live among us. 


First things first, bring only what you really need. You're there for the music-remember that. If it doesn't pertain to your job, it may not be necessary to bring your most expensive camera and wads of cash to a music festival- consolidate. Thieves will spot you out from a mile away. 

Now that doesn't mean you need to restrict yourself just because of this fact. What it does mean is to be aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye out for sketchy hoverers. Don't leave your bag just laying by you while you chat with friends. STAY ALERT! 


One thing that is a necessity for a festival is a cell phone. Sadly, they are also exactly what pickpocketers are going for. Some ways to protect yourself include keeping your phone attached to you. This could be with a cute necklace or rope that you can connect to your phone case. By keeping it on your chest, it's a lot less likely a thief could snag that away from you without you noticing.

What you shouldn't do is keep it in your back pocket. That's the easiest way for you to lose your phone. Even carrying a backpack is an easy way to get someone rummaging through your stuff at a crowded stage without you even knowing. Opt to hold your backpack in front of you while you watch a set or maybe invest in a fun front-facing fanny pack! 


The best way to bring all your items in without having to worry about them is to just purchase a locker. Though they tend to be small and on the pricey side, the peace of mind is worth it. Plus, it's a great place to stash your jackets until nighttime! 


Going to a festival does not automatically mean you will lose an item. If for some reason this does happen, it's best to be prepared. First things first, it's always good to have insurance on your phone. Next, make sure your phones are password protected. Yes, they aren't impenetrable but at least you are making it harder for them. Make sure Find My iPhone is enabled. Have a distinguishable background on your phone so it's easier to identify if found.

If something is lost, it's always a good idea to report it immediately. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones like those from EDC Orlando who will get there stuff back! 



Can you think of any tips missed? If so, leave a comment down below! 

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