Insights: Habstrakt


Our newest artist collab with Habstrakt is here! Dropping this Friday, September 18th at 10am PST, we're happy to announce the EF x Habstrakt soccer jersey and bracelet. We also got to speak with Habstrakt and ask him a few questions about his start in music and what we can expect from him next. 

1. What made you want to be a musician growing up and what made you transition into electronic music?

Growing up in a family of artists and musicians there was always a guitar or a piano around. At first I wanted to make a punk band but I couldn’t find a drummer so I turned to drum machines...shortly after I got into synthesizers and sequencers and slowly dropped the guitar while I was a teenager. From then it was just experimenting with cheap synths and grooveboxes until I could afford my first computer.

2. What was your experience with music before you became a DJ?

My experience with live performance was mostly bedroom music and a couple shows in a few illegal rave parties. When I turned 18 I moved to Montpellier and met a crew of DJs and promoters called Urbanbass who taught me how to DJ and throw parties. From there I also really moved from doodling around to actually producing records I could put in my DJ sets.

3. Have you noticed any differences between the music scene in France compared to other parts of the world? Do you think your music is received the same way across the globe?

We’re definitely picky! I think we’re less afraid of negative feedback and criticism towards each other, a song is either perfect or complete trash we don’t use inbetweens. We’re very vocal about what we dislike and that makes being a music producer a real hustle, you need to have very thick skin in order to survive, and we’re all extremely proud of that for some obscure reason. And I find my music gets a great reception everywhere in the world, something I’m very happy about!

4. Have you been working on anything new during this global pandemic?

Honestly not as much as you would think! I know a lot of producers took the opportunity to produce dozens of records, I for one took this time to rest and take my mind off the crazy touring schedules. I went back to France recently and spent time with my family. I still managed to do a remix for DJ Snake which is one of my favorite records, and I’m back into working on new music every day in a recording studio here in southern France.

5. What new elements do you want to bring to your live shows once the pandemic is over? What are you most excited to deliver to your fans?

It's still too early to tell but one of my main focuses is to play longer sets and explore more subgenres of house music and other electronic music in my set. I think live music is gonna have to go through a few phases before it’s back and running, I like to live in the moment and not project myself too much these days, my whole focus is in the studio writing new music