Insights: Hydraulix

Drops Friday, December 13 @ 10AM PST

About This Collection:

We are stoked to announce our next artist collab, Hydraulix! We partnered with Hydraulix to bring you this tee + hoodie that drops Friday, December 13 at 10AM PST.
Collection Details:
  • 2 Piece collection drops Friday, December 13 @ 10AM PST
  • 1 LTD Hydraulix Hoodie
  • 1 LTD Hydraulix Tee

What is the meaning behind the name Hydraulix? What/who was your main inspiration when you were developing the project?

The name itself actually came from a friend of mine.. I had recently stopped in a duo I was in (shoutout Dizz & Draz haha) to start a solo project. But was really struggling to come up with a good name and a friend of mine actually had a whole list of names for a project he was starting and Hydraulix was one of them. So he gifted it to me! At the time when I started the project it a combo of all genres but defs some of the early influences would have to be Jack Beats, Rusko, & Skrill ofcourse.

What made you get into vlogging? Do you plan on continuing it and growing that channel?

The VLOG has been so much and I defs plan on continuing it! I find I’m watching so many Vlogs at the moment which is what peaked my interest. All the people I watch all seem to be having lots of fun doing it and I figured I have enough interesting stuff going on that people might find it cool.

What genres. albums, songs, or artists do you enjoy listening to that your fans would be surprised to learn?

I defs have a vast array of taste but I’m a 70’s 80’s 90’s guy. My fav song of all time is “Roy Orbison - Everybody Loves the sunshine.." But love some Hall & Oates, Blink 182, Used, Tupac, Kendrick, Elton John just to show you how vast it goes.

Are there any upcoming releases or tours that you're excited about?

Tune wise I’ve got so much stuff coming up! A few things I can’t talk about just yet but got my first drum & bass tune dropping very soon on Wakaan. Got a collab with Ookay that should be out soon. And a remix for Delta Heavy and remix for PhaseOne dropping soon as well. It’s busy times rolling into the new year. Also just locked in a very big tour support for like March time which should announce soon!

Why did you decide to collaborate with Electric Family?

Electric Family has always been a favourite of mine. They have literally done all my favourite artists merch and collabs. So the second they hit me up I was honoured to do some stuff with them! I’m mega excited about the collab and we have some other dope stuff in the pipeline as well!

One last remark: Your set is over and you can flash one more message on the stage's LED screens that everyone in the crowd will read. What does it say?