Insights: Kai Wachi

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We got to sit down with Kai Wachi and ask him a few questions about his upcoming music and what he's been doing during quarantine. Read on!


1. How did you get started making music?

I initially got into music around eighth or ninth grade making hip-hop. I really wanted to be a beatmaker for rappers. It’s something I still enjoy doing, but over time I got introduced to dance music. At first it was hardstyle and some heavy electro stuff from back in the day, but then I got introduced to Cookie Monsta and I was blown away. I dove full on into making dubstep and developing my style there. After putting out some tracks independently on Soundcloud, Kannibalen Records (Black Tiger Sex Machne’s label) found me, signed me and I’ve been with them ever since.

2. Is there anything outside of music that gives you inspiration when you’re making tracks?

I’m big on hitting the gym. Music and working out are the two biggest aspects in my life. Working out, whether it’s weights or running or even just taking a walk for 30 minutes or more, it really helps clear my head and put me into a good space. All the clutter in my mind goes away and I can think more creatively and clearly. It’s also nice to just feel good. Taking care of my body has helped with my creative process for sure.

3. Have you been working on anything new with all this free time during quarantine? Is there anything new we can expect to see soon?

I’ve been working on a lot of new music, yea! Some things I can't quite share yet, but I can say that I have a collab with Fytch coming out very soon on Kannibalen Records. It’s gonna be another “Cry Wachi” style track, so expect some feels on this one!

4. Has it been difficult to stay motivated to make music during the pandemic?

I’ve found that sometimes it can be difficult for sure, but I try to keep busy and maintain that motivation level as high as I can. Between making music, working out and spending time with my girlfriend and dog, they all work together to keep my head on straight and keep working hard.

5. Aside from making music, have you found any new hobbies to fill your time since shows have been cancelled?

I haven’t really found new hobbies, but I have got back into gaming a little bit. On the flip side I'm also trying to get out and hike more and enjoy nature. I'm actually currently enjoying Yellowstone!

6. And just for fun, what are three random facts your fans might not know about you?

  1. I’m stubborn as hell and new things bother me.
  2. I’m very introverted despite my over the top personality within music.
  3. My actual name is Kai Wachi!