Insights: MitiS

We're stoked to announce our second release of the year - a collaboration hoodie with one of our favorite east coast producers, MitiS. The MitiS "Be Yourself" hoodie drops Friday, February 15 at 10AM PST. Proceeds from this hoodie will go to our Greater Good Fund. Read more about the Greater Good Fund at the bottom of the page.

MitiS was kind enough to take some time out of his day to give us some Insights into his life, his music, and his inspirations.

What is the origin of ‘MitiS’? Was there a specific moment or situation that compelled you to pursue MitiS full-time?

When I was around 18, all I was doing was Classical piano and learning how to produce. I was in college doing Piano Performance, but I just felt this huge passion for Electronic Music and everything it has to offer. I dropped out of college about 2 months in and dove full into music production. I still had a job, but my goal was to have MitiS BE the full-time job and that happened within 2 years or less which was such a blessing.

Can you tell me about a time when you almost gave up, how you felt about that, and what you did instead of giving up?

I think everyone has had a time where they wanted to give up and find something else. Mine was about right when MitiS became a full-time thing. Money was much at first, I had a son on the way, and there was just a lot of things pulling me in different directions. Fear is what was inhibiting me, but what I personally did was write and write and write. I just kept writing music. I put all of my emotions into it, and I think that showed and help the progression of my career. Giving up just wasn’t okay with me, even though it seemed almost impossible. I chose to believe in my craft and believe in the choice I had made.

In the last five years, what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved your lifestyle?

I think just really being myself and being honest in every situation, and holding myself accountable for the things I do or don’t do. It’s not easy all the time, but it definitely has helped all aspects of my life.

What is your favorite piece of music that you’ve written? What makes it standout compared to everything else you’ve produced?

Man, that’s such a hard one. To be honest, this new track I just finished, ‘All For Us’. It’s not out yet but it reignited so much of the creativity I’ve been struggling with recently. The song doesn’t have a vocal line, it has this ancestral/almost-tribal voice in it. That’s what I’ve always been about - songs that don’t need vocals and lyrics, just a beautiful melody line that allows me to hold on to through the song. I’m really excited about it.

Can you share a situation that has occurred in your life that you feel provides us and the readers with insight into your character?

That’s a tough one. Honestly, growing up my dad did everything with me. He always taught me unconditional love, and always took me to every sports game, karate, piano, whatever I had going on. He showed me what it means to love people without the shadow of judgment or flaws or whatever you wanna call it. I was adopted, so I’ve never known my own blood before my son, and my dad taught me that blood doesn’t make a difference in the people you call your family. All of that has impacted and shaped me into the person I am today. I will love someone through anything and everything and try to give them or help them in any way til’ they see it through. So yeah, a huge shout out to my pops. Love you, man.

What genres, albums, songs, or artists do you enjoy listening to that your fans would be surprised to learn?

I love hip-hop/rap - Bone Thugs, Lil Wayne, Jedi Mind Tricks etc.. I also love ASAP Ferg - Plain Jane so much that I made the DJ play the explicit version at my wedding. I also love Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Electric Family?

I’ve been wanting to collaborate with Electric Family for quite some time now. I think the amazing things the company does for organizations is huge and truly makes a difference. They create great art and give to companies whose lives are dedicated to their work. It’s just a beautiful thing.

One last remark: Your set is over and you can flash one more message on the stage’s LED screens that everyone in the crowd will read. What does it say?

Don’t be afraid of letting go of the things holding you down. Love yourself.

About the Greater Good Fund

The Greater Good Fund is a pool of all the money raised from Electric Family sales which is evenly distributed to our Greater Good partner charities on a quarterly basis. Our Greater Good partner charities are:

Charity: Water
Pencils for Promise
Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Tim Ferriss: Treatment of Major Depression through Johns Hopkins University of Medicine
Ocean Conservancy