Insights: Sofia Reyes

Introducing our next artist collab with our first ever latin pop artist, Sofia Reyes! The Sofia Reyes bracelet drops Tuesday, July 9 at 10AM PST. Proceeds from this bracelet will go to our Greater Good Fund. Read more about the Greater Good Fund at the bottom of the page.

We got a chance to sit down with Sofia Reyes to get some insights into her life and career. Read on!

1. What/who was your main inspiration when you were beginning your career as a singer?

Whitney Houston, Shakira, Miguel Bosé.. - All of them inspired me because they put something new over the table. They pushed the boundaries. I’ve seen Miguel own the stage in his own way so many times, it’s really inspiring.

2. Is there anything you do as part of your daily life or creative process that is unique to you or that others would be surprised to know?

I’m trying to challenge myself more. It’s a process but I’m sure that big dreams take big steps and big sacrifices. So waking up at 5 am has been really inspiring for me (considering that I’m not a morning person.) I wanna take advantage of my time, meditate, focus on myself and work real hard on my dreams. (I also try to balance my life spending time with family and friends, I think that’s important too.)

Also, inspire people to do the same so and know that everything is possible. To be good to others, to do what you love, etc.

When it comes to creating music, I really do have different ways of creating songs but mainly with my core team. Chaz, Shari and Omar are the best team I could have ever asked for. I found my sound, and that gives me peace. I usually start with a track idea, and that leads me to melody and lyrics. I don’t like coming to a room with a name title or idea, i feel like songs that are being created with a group of people should be created within the energy of that people on that specific time. Or at least that’s how I like to work.

3. You have collaborated with some notable artists! Is there an artist on your bucket list that you haven't collaborated with yet?

TONS. All types of artists. From C. Tangana, intocable, Ed Sheeran, Rosalia, Dua Lipa, J balvin, John Mayer, Pablo Alborán, Natalia Lafourcade, etc..

4. Can you tell me about a time when you almost gave up, how you felt about that, and what you did instead of giving up?

Yeah for sure! Before I moved to LA pursuing my career as a solo artist, I was part of a girl pop group. The people were sketchy and the energy was off in general. Our managers would tell us how to dress, how to act, how to dance and what to sing.. And I used to think for a second that in order to be a singer I had to do all kinds of things that wouldn’t represent me at all.. so I decided to give up after a while of being involved in that project.. After that I met Charlie and Paloma and the showed me a different way of doing things, and that the most important thing will always be to feel like yourself. You’ll show people who you really are. It’s not complicated at all.

5. What genres, albums, songs, or artists do you enjoy listening to that your fans would be surprised to learn?

I’m into tech house right now and country music too.. I honestly like allllllll kinds of music (but rock metal) and love finding more and more. I love Nicola Cruz, Angus and Julia Stone, JP Saxe, C.Tangana, Ingrid Andress etc..

6. Why did you decide to collaborate with Electric Family on this charity bracelet?

I love what they do. It’s really inspiring. Also the bracelets are awesome, and being able to design them with them was super fun! But mainly I love the fact that one picks the non profit you wanna donate to and being part of this kind of projects will always be fulfilling to me.

7. One last remark: Your performance is over and you can flash one more message on the stage’s LED screens that everyone in the crowd will read. What does it say?


(The world has a big lack of love, and we all need it. We all want it. But most of the people doesn’t have it. And it all gets better when you start loving yourself and loving others whatever you’ve been through. And it’s hard.. so if you feel loved, make sure you spread it to the world cause that’s a blessing most people don’t have.)

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