Announcing our next collaboration, an artist series bracelet with SVDDEN DEATH! The SVDDEN DEATH bracelet drops Friday, February 22 at 10AM PST. Proceeds from this bracelet will go to our Greater Good Fund. Read more about the Greater Good Fund at the bottom of the page.

We got a chance to sit down with SVDDEN DEATH to get some insights into his life and career. Enjoy!

What is the meaning behind the name Svdden Death? What/who was your main inspiration when you were developing the project?

Svdden Death came from several things, 1 from Super Smash Bros, 2 it was originally a soundcloud meme account i used to run with somnium sound, and 3 because i wanted to make music that sounded as intense as a "sudden death round" in fights/sports etc. I took the url when i decided to start releasing the dubstep i was writing.

Is there anything you do as part of your daily life or creative process that is unique to you or that others would be surprised to know?

Not unique to me, in fact the opposite. To other producers especially up and coming artists its important to acknowledge the massive amount of stress/anxiety/depression that comes with the territory of pursuing music. It can be very difficult but just make sure that youre aware of it and surround yourself with people that encourage you and help you actively learn.

How do you overcome the challenges you face in your career?

I often just turn to writing music in order to deflect outside problems.

In the last five years, what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved your life?

Probably when i first got into the dubstep community. There are a lot of supportive people and i have met some of my best friends of all time through it. Without it, i would be nothing.

Name one thing that you think the world could do without, and one thing that the world needs more of, and why.

Less plastic more copies of ableton

Why did you decide to collaborate with Electric Family?

Because I want to use my career for helping the planet, its the most important thing.

One last remark: Your set is over and you can flash one more message on the stage’s LED screens that everyone in the crowd will read. What does it say?


About the Greater Good Fund

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