Loyalty Over Everything

We have been dialing in on our loyalty program to make sure that you have the best experience as our customer & fan, where you're rewarded for all of your contributions to Electric Family.  Every time you shop with us, you can earn reward points that can be exchanged for future discounts and savings!

As a sign-up bonus, you will 250 FAM Points for free, which is already half way to claiming your first $5 off coupon at 500 FAM Points.

Here's the breakdown of how to earn points:

*You will only earn points for the first instance of this action

Now that you have all of these FAM Point saved, here's how you can benefit by spending your points:

  • $5 off for 500 FAM Points
  • $10 off for 1000 FAM Points
  • $25 off for 2000 FAM Points
  • Cash out Electric Family gift cards at $5 every 500 FAM Points

That's a return of 10% for being a part of our loyalty program!

FAM Points sign up

Additionally, we are running a promo right now until Labor Day where you will earn 1.5x more points per purchase -- that's 15% back on your purchases!

We will be rolling out a VIP Program in the future, which will appropriately reward our most loyal customers with more rewards and bonuses as you continue to grow with us.