Midweek Melodies Vol. 22

As usual on Wednesdays, Midweek Melodies is here! Over the past week, we have collected our favorite records from all across the genre board and presented them to you here. There are plenty of free downloads for you, so get your clicking finger ready.

This week we have some incredible records from the likes of Yntendo, treovr, Trumpdisco, Zomboy, and Jauz, as well as awesome collaborations from Virtual Riot x Madi, Luca Lush x K?D, LEViT∆TE x Holly, and more. There are plenty of records for everyone, from bass heads to house heads alike. Check them all out, and come back next week for another batch!

HerobustJace mekJauzJeff molnerLevitateLuca lushMidweek melodiesNdsTreovrTrumpdiscoVirtual riotYntendoZomboy