Midweek Melodies Vol. 25

Ready for a heap of great tunes? We hope so, because it is Wednesday, which means it's the day we bring to you another edition of our Midweek Melodies series. If this is your first time with us, you're in luck, because there are a ton of gems backlogged for you to run through.

For now, let's keep with the 25th volume., which has a dozen singles from artists all around the world. Artists like Viceroy, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Will Sparks, and Kastle make an appearance with their most recent releases. There are plenty of other dope records from the likes of DJ HOMEWRECKER, Eliminate, Dirt Monkey, Instant Party! and voia that you can't sleep on.

Check out all twelve today and grab the ones you enjoy. Some of them are available for free! After you listen through the batch, pick a favorite and share this article to your social media so we can see which you liked most!

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