Midweek Melodies Vol. 26

Let the Midweek Melodies continue. This week we are in our 26th edition with some incredible singles from some of our favorite artists. Good thing is, there are lots of free downloads for you here!

Get ready for thirteen epic tracks. Songs from this collection come to us from such individuals as Kapo, AFK, Kennedy Jones, voia, Jace Mek and more. Included are some insane collaborations including Styles&Completes "Dope" along with a G-Buck with Twine single and FENK with Shwann. One of the works that is particularly interesting is the remix of the theme song for Bill Nye The Science Guy! After you run through twelve of these, we end things with a special song from Moody called "No Thoughts."

Stream all thirteen singles, and download the ones you enjoy. After listening through, share this article to your social media account to let us know your favorite song. We'll be checking through the shares to see what you liked most!

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