Midweek Melodies Vol. 27

We're in the heat of Summer. It seems as though there is a big festival every weekend. We can't hit them all, but what we can do is rage as though we were at all of those festivals. That's where the Midweek Melodies series comes in.

Every Wednesday, we aim to give you a taste of the weekend early, by bringing you some of our favorite singles from the past week. For this week's playlist, we have a solid collection that kicks off with some powerful ladies, including MOONZz, Anna Yvette and Laura Brehm. From there we meet creations from the likes of DUX, ANGELZ, RIOT and an epic collaboration from Bear Grillz and ETC! ETC!.

That's not even everything. You're going to have to run through all twelve of these tracks to see who else ended up releasing one of our favorites from the past week. After doing so, share this article on social media to let us know which song was your favorite. We'll be checking!

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