Midweek Melodies Vol. 29

We hope you aren't getting tired of good music. We certainly aren't. Now that it's Wednesday, we have some more tunes for you in another episode of our Midweek Melodies series.

This week we gathered up some insanely good records from some of our favorite producers including Devault, Convex, Mr. Collipark, Unlike Pluto and more. Several of the songs in this week's volume can be downloaded for free, so make sure to scour them all and grab the ones you dig.

We hope these can help you finish of the week strong. Then you get the weekend, and it's time to party! Or relax, whichever you prefer. Without further adieu, here are this week's Midweek Melodies.

Brly lglConvexCrwnsDevaultHex cougarLazy bearMidweek melodiesMr. colliparkMsclsNitti grittiSpockUnlike plutoVenemy