Midweek Melodies Vol. 32

Posted by Tyler Trew on

This week has been insane as far as music goes. For some reason, so many big name producers decided to drop some high quality tracks. We've collected them all for you right here in our Midweek Melodies series.

Heavy hitters this week include Apashe, Borgore, Brillz x Willy Joy, Anna Lunoe, and DJ Hanzel x Drezo. We start things off, as well as end them, with moombahton tracks, because we don't want those Summer vibes to end just yet. We're still trying to get our party on, and we know the same applies to many of you.

Surely, you will be able to get your dance on with these twelve singles. Don't sleep on any of them, as they are all must-listens. After checking each out, share this article to let us know what song was your favorite. We'll be going through the shares to see the most popular one!

Anna Lunoe Apashe Apocalypto Borgore Brillz Callie Reiff DJ Hanzel Goshfather & Jinco Midweek Melodies Ray Volpe Rell The Soundbender SHIVV Who's John

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