Midweek Melodies Vol. 35

Another week, another playlist. It's Wednesday, and we're back on our musical grind with the Midweek Melodies series. As usual, we have some of our favorite records that we came across over the last seven days.

This week's bunch comes mainly comes from up and coming producers like KR$CHN, Said The Sky, Killabyte, Eliminate and more. That doesn't mean that veterans like ETC! ETC! and our closer Downlink didn't make the tab. We go from future, to electro, to dubstep in this week's edition that is packed with must haves. Grab the free ones, buy the purchasable ones, but most of all, enjoy.

PS, don't forget about our special Black Friday sale that will be going on. You'll get 30% off our entire store, as well as a few exclusive items!

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