Neon Owl Hosts Charity Event With Mat Zo's 'Mad Tour'

Our friends over at Neon Owl are one of the premiere charity event organizers that specialize in dance music. They've had events in the past, but now they've teamed up with Mat Zo for a show in the Bay Area during the producer's Mad Tour.

First and foremost, this show is in support of the amazing organization Generosity.Org. This team of philanthropists aim to end the clean water crisis in developing countries. Your support of the show goes straight to communities in need. You have your water, others aren't so fortunate. For more information around this non-profit, head over to their website.

The Neon Owl x Mat Zo show will be held at Pure Lounge in Sunnyvale, on Friday November 18th. Mat Zo is not the only attraction, as the lineup consists of Psy Fi, Beauz and DJ Major Airborne.

Don't take our word for it, just check out Psy Fi's single above, and hit up the other artist's pages on Soundcloud. These up and comers are not to be slept on; they'll make the perfect addition to Mat Zo during the show. Ticket and location information can be found at the ticketing page.

Even if you're not in the area, let this event inspire you to put together your own charity event, or even reach out to Neon Owl to put something together in your city. Spread the positivity around!

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