Netflix Releases Highly Anticipated XOXO Trailer

If you are a fan of EDM, you're highly anticipating Netflix's film XOXO. Due out on August 16th, XOXO will either be a masterful visual that represents the dance music community or it will be another dud like We Are Your Friends. As of now, nobody is anticipating a middle ground.

The fact that Pete Tong was the musical adviser helps. With people like Modern Family's Sarah Hyland and comic ChrisD'Elia acting in the film as well, that puts another reason for a positive outlook on the table.

With the trailer comes some insight into the plot. We're sure to get some lovey-dovey plot lines, but what looks to be the main focus of the film is every DJ's dream: a last minute slot at a gigantic festival.

Here at Electric Family we're ready for this one. We're pumped. The trailer has us on the edge of our seat even more than we previously were with the announcement of the film and the unveiling of Pete Tong's involvement. We're also hyped on the fact that there may or may not be some Electric Family threads in the film. Check the trailer to find out for yourself!


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