New Beaded Bracelets

We are proud to announce the newest addition to our bracelet offering - the beaded X bracelet! On Sunday at 10AM PST, we will be releasing 9 larger beaded colorways and 3 smaller beaded colorways. The bracelets represent the next phase for Electric Family as we move deeper into creating quality bracelets and accessories.

Remember, the beaded bracelets drop Sunday at 10AM PST! See you then.


  • FLetcher CAshion


  • Aaron L

    They look so amazing and sleek, I can’t wait to try it for myself

  • Michael Paul Rosales

    Love you guys so much! Always coming out with the dopest apparel and accessories! Keep it going! #electricfamily

  • JOhn CHest

    That DJ named “MIZU” that works for you guys is really dope. I vibe hard to his beats and vibe hard to these beads.

  • Prima Njp


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