Pete Tong Extends His Film Credits List With Netflix's 'XOXO'

Over the past several years, electronic dance music has had a monstrous rise from a niche, underground occurrence to a worldwide pop culture phenomenon. With it has come new outlets for musicians and producers, including films, which brought movies like "We Are Your Friends" to the table.

However, that portrayal of dance music culture didn't go over as hot as planned, but now something with even bigger plans is coming along. "XOXO" a Netflix original movie, is showing viewers what happens when six individuals meet at a music festival. What's making even the hardiest of ravers have extreme interest in this flick? The music supervisor, Pete Tong.

Pete Tong is one of the most iconic pioneers of electronic music. If you're unfamiliar, just some of his accolades including hosting shows on BBC1, co-founding the International Music Summit, and has been honored as a Member of the Order of the British Empire. Safe to say, "XOXO" is in good hands.

Not only will Pete be supervising the music, but he is also listed as a producer of the film, next to Joe Russell, Christopher Louie, Max Leitman and Dan Shafer. "XOXO" is set to debut on Netflix on August 26th.

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