Porter Robinson Raises Over $150,000 For Malawi Fund



The gift that keeps on giving. 

Apart from the success of Porter Robinson's debut festival Second Sky, the producer announced he has raised $154,000 for the Robinson Malawi Fund. With the combination of donations, $1 from each festival ticket and Robinson's contribution, the money bred exceeded his expectations.

In early June, Robinson revealed his younger brother fought a rare case of cancer called Burkitt lymphoma. This illness affects areas such as Malawi which have a significantly smaller amount of resources for survival. The electronic artist decided to make a fund dedicated to aiding direct patient care for pediatric cancer in Malawi. 

His fanbase became a force to be reckoned with, donating online, at the festival and through attendance. Porter then matched the $77,000 made, hitting a number far beyond his expectations. With that being said, it is incredible to see the dance community come together in such a short amount of time to support a meaningful cause. 

If you would like to make a donation, please visit his site here.

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