Porter Robinson Released 'Worlds' Six Years Ago Today

It's was the year 2014 when Porter Robinson released his groundbreaking album, Worlds. This body of work inspired countless musicians to challenge themselves and create new sounds. He created his own world that everyone wanted to be apart of. 

Since then, Robinson has toured across the world, collaborated with Madeon, and created one of the most devoted fanbases in the electronic space. 

Today, we reflect and applaud Robinson's brilliant work of art. Each song takes you on a melodic journey through emotional vocals, ethereal sounds, and childlike wonder. 

As a thank you, Robinson announced today he was releasing a track that fans had never been heard before, dating back to 2016. It's safe to say, it's great.

Take a trip down memory lane and listen to Worlds and Robinson's surprise track below.  

Porter robinsonWorlds