Porter Robinson Reveals Mental Health Issues Leading Up to New Track

Porter Robinson is more human than we think. After the highly anticipated release of his song, "Get Your Wish", the producer revealed why he was on an extremely long hiatus. He opens up in a post to social media, explaining the meaning behind the track. From 2015-2017, Robinson experienced severe writer's block and thought it would be the end of his career. 

"I realized I shouldn’t write music with the expectation that productivity or achievement will fix my problems, but instead with the hope that my honest expression will move people the way music moves me. So when I was really struggling to write and it seemed impossible, instead of thinking, ‘You’re struggling because you’re a fraud, you’re clearly not cut out for this,’ I began to tell myself, ‘Yeah, this is what you sacrifice." - Porter Robinson

Fans were refreshed to see an admiral artist express their vulnerability to the public. We all struggle with self-doubt, even Porter Robinson. He teaches us a valuable lesson that we are not alone with these feelings. Read his full explanation below. 

Porter robinson