Snowglobe Music Festival Sued For Emitting Bad Air Into the Environment

It is no secret that climate change is at an alarming all-time high. Festivals around the world have been making substantial changes at their events to stay environmentally friendly. They have banned single-use plastics, implemented more reusable bottles and have kept the grounds cleaner. 

A new hazard occurred at Snowglobe Music Festival in 2018. Due to the festival diesel generators, too much benzene was released, heavily polluting the air. 

“Many music festivals use a variety of diesel powered items including the generators and buses and trucks. We were concerned about the amount of benzene that these diesel combustion produces so we measured benzene levels at the SnowGlobe music festival and they were above the level set under California’s Proposition 65.” 

- CEH senior scientist Caroline Cox 

The Center for Environmental Health gave the festival a 60-day notice of violation following the bad air quality. Then they filed a suit against them on December 20th. The Snowglobe team is actively seeking solutions. The trial will begin on March 17th.