Summer 2016 Line Up (Part 2)

June 21, 2016

Summer Part 2 will be available on Tuesday June 28th at 10am PST.
Enter to win a $200 shopping spree at the bottom of the page!

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Distributing Positivity Scoop Tee / Gray     $32

Distributing Positivity Scoop Tee / Black     $32

 Good Circle Tee / Black     $30                                           Good Circle Tank / Black     $28

Global Connection Scoop Tee / Black & White     $35

Kazoku Family Scoop Tee / Black     $35                         Shooting X Scoop Tee / White     $32

Positivity Scoop Tee / Black     $32

Positivity Tee / White     $30

Damask Cut Scoop Tee / Black     $35                         Script 16 Jersey / White     $50

Lights Boardshorts     $45


Blocked Boardshorts    $45


X Boardshorts     $45

Script Dad Hat / Light Blue     $28                                     Script Dad Hat / Navy    $28

Script Patch Dad Hat / White     $28                                     Script Patch Dad Hat / Black  $28

 Good Dad Hat / White     $28                                            X Out Dad Hat / White  $28

                 Script Mesh Snapback / Black     $28                                     X Mesh Snapback / Black    $28


Good Muscle Tank / Mint & Black     $28

Comment below with your favorite pieces from the collection for a chance to win one of two $200 shopping sprees! Winner selected Monday June 27.

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RIchard Castaneda

RIchard Castaneda said:

Distributing scoop tees. I really like both colors even though I am more of a black tee person

Sean Owens

Sean Owens said:

-_-Everthing is good so many choices lol i’ll go with the Blocked Boardshorts, Script 16 Jersey / White !!!

Jack Copley

Jack Copley said:

Feeling the distributing positivity scoop tee especially in the black all year around, its fresh but loving the X board shorts though. Great line up lets be honest lads!

GNET Eggen

GNET Eggen said:

I love the jersey and board shorts.

Chadidiah Dobler

Chadidiah Dobler said:

I really dig the kazoku scoop tee and the board shorts those are super dope!


Jeanette said:

I love it! Especially the snapbacks and the jersey tank top!

Eric LUis

Eric LUis said:

Pretty sure I like every tee in the collection, especially distributing positivity and the kazoku! That scoop design is where it’s at!


K said:

Really liking the caps and the X Boardshorts! But I LOVE the Distributing Positivity tee!!!!

Jia-Peng Yeung

Jia-Peng Yeung said:

That Distributing Positivity Scoop Tee / Black steals the capsule

Sénastien Raymond

Sénastien Raymond said:

I really really love the good daddy hat, light boardshort, positivity tee, distributing positivity scoop tee gray. Good jobs for this collection


Holly said:

lovin the dad caps

Jonnathan Perez

Jonnathan Perez said:

The Global Connection tee and Blocked Boardshorts for the perfect summer look


Alex said:

Really like the Distributing Positivity shirts and the blocked board shorts!!

Kenny Parrish

Kenny Parrish said:

definitely the distributing positivity or good dad cap!

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