The City of Miami Plans to Reconcile With Ultra

 We always love second chances. 

In fall of 2018, Miami cut ties with Ultra after a 20-year relationship at Bayfront Park. With less than 6 months until the event, the festival was forced to relocate to The Virginia Key. Unfortunately, 2019's lackluster venue did not meet the standards of the original location. 

Ultra made an official statement after the event, confirming they would not return to The Virginia Key and had found a new spot. However, plans have changed as the CIty of Miami proposes they return. 

Francis Suarez, the Mayor of Miami, stated that the annual event has a great economic influence on the city, leading them to request reconciliation. 

“I was always a long-term supporter of Ultra as commissioner because I really felt that it went to the brand of the city, Suarez stated, we had the attention of the world during that week similarly to Basel during Art Basel week for the arts community.”

The council realized they do not want to run businesses out of the city, especially if it embodies it. The official hearing for its renewed contract takes place June 27th. 

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