UNTOLD Music Festival

The UTOLD Music Festival is very up and coming, having only recently began in
2016 and being one the only European festivals to be located on the beach with the lowest European festival pricing. It is suspected to attract over 150,000 attendees to Romania’s seaside resort, Constanta, to engage in what might be the most interesting festival experience to date. Unlike traditional festivals, UNTOLD tells a very unique story, each year with a specific tale to tell. 2017 centers on “the Dragon,” specifically the battle between good and evil with the essence of “Love, Hope, Trust, and Courage,” which they refer to as “Dragonstones.” The goal of the festival is to thematically engage these ideas to create an even stronger and positive environment within the overall festival experience. With the combination of these themes with the overall transformative experience a festival of this capacity offers, any participant is destined for an experience unlike any other. With a lineup as stacked as this, featuring headliners Ellie Goulding, Marshmello, Afrojack, Armin Van Buuren, Martin Garrix, Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki, and many more, the UNTOLD Music Festival could change the way festivals operate from a fundamental level, especially with the providing of these specific themes for their own festival experience.


We are stoked here at Electric Family to further drive their positive messages by collaborating with UNTOLD to create their very own series of bracelets for this one of a kind festival. Check out all 9 UNTOLD bracelets at the Electric Family merch booth located inside the UNTOLD Music Festival August 3-6th 2017!