Ultra Miami Recap

We are now a week post Ultra Miami's debut at Virginia Key, marking the culmination of it's 21st year. With new location, came new struggles, but through the ups and downs here are some of the highlights of this years rendition: 


One of the major takeaway's from last weekend's festivities was how well done Resistance Island was this year. Ultra decided to expand the famous 3 stages to an entire island and the payoff was out of this world. The house and techno fans flocked the half mile to the see some of the most impressive sets of the weekend. Standouts include the Carl Cox Megastructure, TESTPILOT (DeadMau5's techno alias), and Tale of Us. The visuals were in top form this year. 

Surprise Guests

Every year Ultra delivers some amazing surprise performances and this year didn't disappoint. Van Halen's David Lee Roth joining Armin Van Buuren to perform a remix of the legendary track "Jump". The Chainsmokers debuted their possible new supergroup with Illenium. Shaq and Lil Jon joined Gud Vibrations (NGHTMRE and Slanders side project) on stage which got the crowd to go insane. The 7ft tall former NBA player even entered the crowd to mosh pit!  

DJ Colonel Sanders

One of the biggest shocks of the weekend came when KFC's own Colonel Sanders took the stage. He performed a 5-minute set on the mainstage which became one of hell of a PR stunt to artists and fans dismay. 

The Walk From Hell

Ultra Miami 2019 was almost dubbed FYRE Fest Pt. 2 after 50,000 ticket holders were left stranded on the island because of the botched shuttle set up due to car accident that brought transportation to a halt. Attendees had the option to try and force there way in to a never-ending line to wait for what shuttles were promised or walk the 2 miles across the causeway, risking getting hit by the few moving buses that were going.  Mayhem ensued. 


There you have it, Ultra Miami 2019. The good, the bad, the ugly. What was your favorite memory from this years festival? Leave a comment below! 

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