Ultra Music Festival Cancels Event Amid Corona Virus Scare

Ultra cannot catch a break. As the music festival finally reclaimed their home at Bayfront Park, the 2020 event has been forced to cancel due to the Corona Virus outbreak. The 3-day festival was less than a month away. 

News broke earlier today that they met with Miami city officials to make the unfortunate decision. 

“City officials have yet to announce details of the change because attorneys are ironing out the legal issues tied to the decision, including the length of the delay, sources said.” - Miami Herald

Last year, the festival almost cancelled its 2019 event when it was kicked out of their home of almost 20 years, Bayfront Park. They relocated to the Virginia Key, but did not have positive feedback from the new venue. 

This will be Ultra's first cancellation since its birth in 1999. 

Did Ultra just set the domino effect for festival season? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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