Ultra Music Festival's "Mission: Home" Program

Ultra Music Festival is Stepping Up The Conservation Efforts

It's well known at this point that Ultra has had a strained relationship with their home base in Miami. Just last year they had to move locations to Virginia Key after losing its bid for a five-year contract with the City of Miami. The Commissioner organized a petition back in July of 2017 to stop the city from throwing massive music events in the park. The campaign was aimed at giving the park back to the local community rather than have it designated as a “cash cow for the city" that is “destroying the park’s environmental elements” and bringing “alcohol/drug-related violence” to the downtown area.

Since then, Ultra has come out victorious with the return to Bayfront Park for the 2020 edition. With that, the festival has been making concerted efforts to improve its impact on both the residents and the ground they occupy. 

Enter in "Mission: Home". The initiative declares pollution prevention Ultra's "objective #1" and adopts a policy of "leave no trace," which is one of cultural gathering Burning Man's ten principles. To that end, it encourages festivalgoers to not litter, refrain from entering closed-off areas, and dispose of each different kind of waste in its proper receptacle, among other things. 

In a new report, the festival is going one step further by now offering a reward system for festival-goers who pick up recyclable garbage. They will also off education on the Biscayne Bay ecosystem and be offering free pocket ashtrays. 



Ultra Music Festival will take place from March 20th-22nd, 2020. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the event website.

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