Ultra Returns to Its Home at Bayfront Park

Today, the iconic Miami music festival announced its triumphant return to its home at Bayfront Park. The Miami City Commission granted Ultra permission to host its annual event in 2020. 

It has been a grueling year for the Ultra organizers to say the least. After being evicted from their home of nearly 20 years and an unsuccessful 2019 edition at the  Virginia Key, it's safe to say they were barely above water. On top of that, they had major backlash from attendees this year. In June, the city council finally opened up the discussion for their return. Although most Miami residents are still against the festival, the commission gave Ultra a conditional invitation back. Ultra has agreed to lower the decibel levels and to remove Oasis Stage entirely. 

In 1999, the Ultra was born in Miami, Florida. Since then, the Bayfront Park had been its home for nearly two decades. In 2018, the Miami City Council voted against their return due to public disruption. 

Ultra 2020 will take place March 27th-29th. You can find more information here

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