Electric Family Postcards: Why Buying Stamps Can Help Save the USPS

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an essential government service and it needs our help. The trouble began mounting when Louis DeJoy, a major donor to Trump's presidential campaign with large financial interests in the Postal Service's private competitors, became postmaster general in June. Fear arose when Trump announced he opposed the necessary additional funds for the USPS to handle the anticipated surge of mailed-in ballots in the fall election from voters seeking to avoid crowded polling places during the COVID-19 pandemic. The reason behind all this is because he believes the unfounded claims that mail-in ballots will lead to widespread voter fraud. 

This is a major problem we all need to be concerned with. It's one of the only government agency that visits us everyday and delivers everywhere in the United States, which is not the case for other private delivery services. People who live in rural areas rely on the USPS deliveries for all things including medication. If that doesn't prove how vital they are to our society, the fact that they are one of the nation's largest employers, especially of veteran and minority workers, should do the trick. We are also still in the thick of this pandemic, and any efforts to limit the spread of the disease with mail-in ballots must be supported. 

So, what can you do to help? The micro answer is buy stamps. Buying stamps directly funds the USPS and it's something easy we can all do. That is why Electric Family has purchased 1000 stamps to be included on free postcards included in every order. This not only will give back to the men and women of the USPS but it is also an opportunity for our community to reconnect with loved ones during quarantine. We encourage you to send out these pre-stamped postcards to friends and family with positive messages, uniting us all in this time of isolation. 

If you would like to support USPS, please follow this link and purchase some stamps! Check out our special limited edition Electric Family Pre-Stamped Postcards below.