Insights: Wuki

About This Collection:

Introducing our next artist collab - Wuki! We partnered with Wuki to bring you a dope new Soccer Jersey with vibrant lime green and orange colors to help you stand out at the festivals. Premium embroidery logos are seen at the front.  

Piece Details:
  • Collab Soccer Jersey drops Friday, September 6 @ 10AM PST
  • Premium Tackle Twill Embroidered Logos on Front & Back
  • Authenticated Tackle Twill Patch


We got the opportunity to chat with Wuki about his inspiration, creative process, surprising music interests and more! 

1. What is the meaning behind the name Wuki? What/who was your main inspiration when you were developing the project?

Honestly, its because I’m really hairy. I'm not like a superfan of Star Wars but I definitely enjoy the movies, I just liked it because it almost sounded like a name, “Oh hey there’s Wuki!”. I pretty much started this project directly after my band broke up, I didn’t wanna stop making electronic music so here I am. :)

2. Is there anything you do as part of your daily life or creative process that is unique to you or that others would be surprised to hear?

I barely get the time but I love to play tennis, it puts me in a flow state where I can just focus on one thing and I think that in turn helps with creativity.

3. What is your favorite piece of music that you’ve written? What makes it stand out compared to everything else you’ve produced?

I think my bootleg of Van McCoy - The Hustle is probably my favorite thing. I just love how that one came out. It took me a while to get right but I love it now.

4. What genres, albums, songs, or artists do you enjoy listening to that your fans would be surprised to learn?

I definitely enjoy classical music, older country music, and metal. I grew up listening to everything so I probably won’t ever stop. I think the best musicians appreciate anything.

5. Why did you decide to collaborate with Electric Family?

Bc Electric Fam is my FAM!!! I love what EF stands for, I think it’s a great force in the EDM industry and I’m honored to be a part of it. :)

6. One last remark: Your set is over and you can flash one more message on the stage’s LED screens that everyone in the crowd will read. What does it say?