Electric Family x VAPEN Diamond Wax & Shatter Pen - Electric Family Official Artist Merchandise
Electric Family x VAPEN Diamond Wax & Shatter Pen - Electric Family Official Artist Merchandise
Electric Family x VAPEN Diamond Wax & Shatter Pen - Electric Family Official Artist Merchandise
Electric Family x VAPEN Diamond Wax & Shatter Pen - Electric Family Official Artist Merchandise

Electric Family x VAPEN Diamond Wax & Shatter Pen

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Limited edition Electric Family x VAPEN Diamond Wax & Shatter Pen made for 4/20/2019. Only 100 pieces made.

Order does NOT include oil/cartridges!  This unit does not use disposable cartridges. VAPEN product description can be found here: https://vapenclear.com/vapen-diamond/

• Official collaboration with Vapen
• Precharged and ready to attach to cartridge
• Designed for discretion
• Vapen™ Clear pens are safe to carry anywhere and everywhere
• Cartridges sold separately

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Customer Reviews

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Disappointing tank

I understand EF is not the manufacturer and that this was merely a collaboration, so that’s why this review is sitting at 3 stars instead of two. The pen is nice and definitely has a premium feel being all metal, but the tank leaves a lot to be desired. The exposed coil set up is awful, you have to be careful not to damage them while loading the pen and it scorches the flavor out of the wax. Although those are minor quips, they are still present, but the one factor that completely turned me off was how limited the coil system is. It creates a lot of waste by not being able to burn what’s directly on it, so anything on the side or bottom of the chamber stays there. You can fidget with it and scrape the sides down, but that just lessens the overall convenience of the pen, but whatever seeps to the bottom is stuck there with no way to be burned. And the external loading tool is a bit annoying since you’ll always have a little waste because of what stays on it but you can ignore that by just getting wax that can drip directly on the coils. I understand I got what I payed for and that 40 dollars isn’t an insane price for something like this; but I would have preferred to pay more for a ceramic tank, even 1 would be better than getting a pair of coil tanks. Overall these problems I had with it ruined how nice of a pen it really is, and not to draw comparisons because I do understand the other options I’d name are a lot more expensive, but seeing something like the Puff Co Plus with the nail, ceramic chamber, and carb cap all in the pen itself made me decide that the VAPEN Diamond just isn’t worth using again.

fucking legit

just got the new vape pen and it's SUPER legit. high quality, super smooth hits. love it.

Merch review

Never disappointed with EFam product. Been buying from you guys for years!

Electric Family does it again.

Good Times Dope Rhymes.

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