EF Freebies

1. Follow @electricfamily on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. These are the social channels that we will be releasing free gift certificates on at random times.

2. When you see clues that we will be posting Gift Certificate, head on over to electricfamily.com and fill up your cart with all the product you'd want to get for free using the gift code. We drop various amounts of Gift Certificates with varying dollar amounts so there's no way to know how much it will be ahead of time, but sometimes we give you additional clues to help set your expectations. Gift Certificates value’s can range anywhere from $25 to $250. The Gift Certificates will expire after 60 minutes if they are not used, and you may have to unscramble the code in order to redeem it (we will provide instructions).

3. When you see the Gift Certificate posted, go to the checkout page via your cart and enter the code into the Gift Certificate field, then press "apply" to see if you won any of the Gift Certificate. What's that mean? Well basically, the code is first come first served. That means multiple people might be able to apply the same code to their orders, so the fastest shopper will win.

4. Did you win any money? Congrats! Did you miss out? Don't worry, we typically drop multiple codes in a day, at various times, which means you have more chances to win!

Thanks for playing and being awesome fam!



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