The Artist Bracelet

These bracelets provide a medium for global touring acts to communicate a specific message to millions of fans. The message: if we unite together, we can change the world for the better.

Every artist bracelet purchased benefits one of the many charities we work with. We encourage our artists to pick a charity they feel a deep connection with so that there is passion behind the project. Our goal is to create a close relationship between our artists and their charities so that we can spread the charities message to as many people as possible. We are beginning to host artist meet-n-greets at local food drives to encourage our fans to get out of their houses and get involved. 

Electronic music is the most downloaded genre of music in the world, making the people behind this music a powerful force to positively influence our communities. This is our opportunity to prove the potent impact we can have on our society as a whole by coming together.

However, at Electric Family we are not limiting ourselves to one type of music genre. We promise you that we will continue to partner with artists from different types of music in order to spread our message to countless communities around the world.