Our Company

Our story

In March of 2012, we embarked on a journey across the country to Miami for Winter Music Conference (WMC) and Ultra Music Festival. We were all first timers to Miami and didn’t quite know what to expect. Each of us had been involved in the dance music community for many years, but Miami Music Week was a whole different ball game. The energy and aliveness of that city during this time of year is absolutely palpable. WMC gives fans the chance to mingle with artists and attend every type of dance music show imaginable. We left Miami flying high, having one of the greatest experiences of our lives. It was during that 5-day period that we came up with the idea for Electric Family. Our close group of friends had attempted to start a few companies that had all failed miserably, so our track record wasn’t necessarily the greatest. However, there was something about the way we spoke about Electric Family that felt different.

The initial idea was to find a way to unite people that listened to dance music and then use that collective power to make an impact in communities worldwide. We chose to align ourselves with the dance music community not only because we were apart of it, but because of how open-minded people are within this group. The message we wanted to spread was very progressive but we knew that the EDM fan base would welcome it with open arms. The next step was to create some sort of symbol that would allow fellow Electric Family supporters to recognize one another in everyday life. A couple ideas were thrown around but we were instantly all attracted to the idea of creating a bracelet. From there, we knew that if we wanted to make the type of impact we dreamed of we would need support from the taste makers, better known as the DJ/producers.

We were all working side jobs in San Diego and Las Vegas while EF was starting in order to pay our bills. There came a point in time where we had to make the decision whether to quit our jobs and work on EF full time or let the company go and fully immerse ourselves into corporate life. It may seem like an easy decision now but at the time Electric Family wasn’t making much money and we were all living comfortable lives with good jobs that paid us well. It was essentially the choice to follow our hearts or follow our sense of security. We chose the tougher road, but the gratification we have received along the way from making an impact in people’s lives has made it all worth it.

We quickly found out that it’s very difficult to get a global touring musician to work with an unknown brand. Very few artists want to be the first to work with a brand no one has ever heard of. However, in the spring of 2013 we received our first big break. An amazing fan of ours introduced us to Leighton and Christian from Adventure Club. They were down to earth and genuinely cared a lot about their fans. By a stroke of luck we were able to get them to agree to be the first artists in our now popular artist bracelet series. The day before we launched the bracelet we had absolutely no idea how it would perform. Once we launched and saw the insane support from fans we knew we had something. Electric Family was officially born.

Our Vision

We started Electric Family because we wanted a way to support dance music via fashion, but we couldn’t find a brand that offered the style of clothing we liked. Essentially, all offerings from other companies were neon tanks and tutus, or had something to do with partying. It’s part of the culture so we accepted that, but we were more into the streetwear side of fashion. The goal for the Electric Family line is the fuse the electronic dance music culture with streetwear to provide fans a different way to support their interests.

We are also a brand focused on inspiring positive action and raising the collective social consciousness of our fans/customers. The electronic music culture is built on an underlying acceptance for all people, regardless of the way they look or where they come from. It is this type of mindset that helps our customers relate to the progressive message we promote. Really, the core mission of this company is to inspire positive action. Whether it’s as simple as posting a thoughtful message to social media or as significant as coordinating thousands of fans to package boxes of food for the homeless, we have made it our priority to give back what has been given to us.

What is Social Consciousness?

Consciousness shared within a society. It can also be defined as social awareness; to be aware of the problems that different societies and communities face on a day-to-day basis; to be conscious of the difficulties and hardships of society.” It is the recognition and realization that we are ALL connected. We are connected in ways that we may not even realize, but if you accept that fact, you will start to look at everything you encounter and every person you interact with as a part of you. Being socially conscious means that essentially you are following the Golden Rule at all times with people, business, nature and most importantly your thoughts. We wish for humans to be more humane and work cooperatively as a unit rather than as separated pieces.