Peace Challenge Bracelet
Peace Challenge Bracelet

Peace Challenge Bracelet

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Electric Family is not simply another clothing brand, but a grassroots movement born out of the electronic music community, created to increase the connectedness and compassion amongst the global population.

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Also available in dual-pack (click here!)

Electric Family Challenge Bracelets featuring a symbol that holds special value to our company and overall mission. The purpose of this new campaign will be to challenge our community to go out and make a positive impact in some way for the world. Every small ripple we can make to positively impact society will add up overtime to create significant change.

Each challenge bracelet that is released will be coupled with a new 21-day challenge that will require you to take a small positive action each day for the duration of the challenge. Wearing the bracelet should serve as your reminder each day to complete the challenge for that day.

The first Challenge Bracelet being released is the "Spread Peace" Challenge Bracelet. The rules for this challenge are simple. Please read below:

1. Each day of the 21-day challenge, you must comment something positive to somebody on social media. This could be on Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Bonus points for complimenting a stranger.
2. If you forget to complete the challenge for any day of the 21-day challenge, you must switch the bracelet to your opposite wrist and start the challenge over.
3. Your comment must carry meaning (we are not doing this to go through the motions).

The Electric Family bracelet was created to unite your crew while making a massive positive global impact. Wearing this bracelet supports the idea that we should always treat all people the same way we treat our family and friends.

Bracelets constructed with a durable nylon tricot elastic braid and clamped with a waterproof, black-coated engraved metal clasp. Bracelets are expandable from 2.5 to 5.5 inches in diameter.



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