Artists that Brought the Electricity to Lightning in a Bottle
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Artists that Brought the Electricity to Lightning in a Bottle

After three years without Lightning in a Bottle, this past Memorial Day Weekend, the festival returned to its home at Buena Vista Lake for the long-awaited edition of this beloved event.

Here's our list of artists that made this event even more memorable.

Maya Jane Coles

If you've never had the opportunity to see Maya Jane Coles at work, we recommend you change this immediately! On Friday at the Woogie, the talented DJ and producer took listeners on a two hour whirlwind of techno, breaks, house, and jersey. The technique behind her seamless blending of these sounds had the crowd roaring from every direction. The enthusiasm and energy from her audience created an electricity in the air and conversations are still being had about impact of her set.

Four Tet

Four Tet exemplifies what it means to be an amazing DJ. Before you know it, he's playing his closing track and bringing an incredible set on Saturday to an end. Four Tet has been astounding people for more than two decades, and it wasn't until we experienced one of his sets in real life that we fully understood what everyone was talking about. There was a buzz in the air that we have never felt anywhere else (except maybe at Maya Jane Coles the night before). This set left us wishing we could bottle up the sound waves and take them with us everywhere we go. The most important lesson learned on Saturday was, never say no to a Four Tet set.

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The Stacks

At The Stacks is where you'd find the up and coming bass artists, and no matter what day or what time you pulled up, everybody knew that the music was going to be epic. There was a level of raw talent at this stage that is so unique and special. At this stage, you didn't have to know the lineup or check the schedule. If you wanted some quality wubs and the opportunity to discover somebody knew, this was the perfect place to go. The Stacks wouldn't be what it was if it wasn't for the artists who pulled up and showed out. All of the artists at this stage were there simply for the love of music, and for this reason, the entire stage itself has made its way on to our list.


Without a doubt, Lightning in a Bottle is one of those events that we cannot recommend more. It's a playground of music and discovery, with something new to find around every corner. The incredible music that takes place alongside the lake is only one small piece of the enchantment that takes place here. If you have never attended LIB in the past, keep your eye open for announcements about the next edition; and for those who have been and continue to return each time, we'll see you there next year! 

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Photo courtesy of: Don Idio - @divisuals