Electric Family x Bear Grillz: Jersey Release & More

Electric Family x Bear Grillz: Jersey Release & More

Drops Friday, June 24th @ 10AM PST

About This Collection:

We have partnered with Bear Grillz to bring you this collab jersey. The jersey is made with premium fabric and features a black all over sublimated paisley print with a full color sublimated print on the front, tackle twill patches on the back, sleeve detail embroidery, and white piping details. Bear Grillz also answered a few of our questions, check it out below!

Item Details:
  • Jersey drops Friday, June 24 @ 10AM PST
  • Premium fabric
  • Black all over sublimated paisley print
  • Front sublimated chest print
  • Back tackle twill patches
  • Sleeve detail embroidery
  • White piping detail
  • Electric Family woven label
  • Authenticity guaranteed


1. With almost 500,000 Spotify plays a month, you’ve got quite the fanbase. How does it feel to know there’s total strangers out there listening to your music every day?
It honestly still blows my mind. Back in 2019, I traveled to China 6 or 7 times to play shows and I would always just stop to take a second to reflect that people on other continents were listening to my music or coming to my shows. Even after 10 years of releasing music it still brings me chills when I see people singing along to a song.  
2. You’re also really well known for a fusion of different musical styles. Where does your inspiration come from? Are there specific artists or genres that have had an impact on your sound?
I got a lot of my inspiration from growing up in Long Beach, CA. Going to the same high school as Snoop Dogg and Sublime, there was always either rap or reggae, SKA, etc in my headphones. I’m very thankful to have grown up in a melting pot of ethnicities. 
3. How did you find yourself underneath the bear suit we’ve all come to know and love? Do you think the anonymity of masks and helmets helps or hurts growth when an artist first comes onto the scene?
I think in my case, it helped me because everyone speculated who was under the mask. That got people talking and generated more buzz. I think ultimately why I decided to show my face was that I wanted people to connect me on a human level. To know and see the person underneath really helped that process. 

4. Most importantly, we know you’ve got a new album coming out this Friday, coinciding with the release of our collab jersey. What can you tell us about it?
Well, I am incredibly pumped about the album. I really wanted to try something different so I decided to make it a double album where one side was Dubstep bangers and the other side was melodic tunes with big vocals. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone try to create two albums within two sub-genres before.  

5. Is there anything you're hoping your fans will take away from this album?
Yes, I hope people take away that if a certain artist who has always stuck to their sounds comes out with new material that isn’t their norm, that they understand the artist is just trying to expand and push their boundaries. 
6. We’re just about halfway through the year. With the new album almost here, is there anything else new we can expect from you through the remainder of 2022?
Yes, I am hitting the road to tour in support of the album starting in August. The tour is North America as well as some other countries not announced yet!

I also have one last major announcement for a show that is coming :)