Electric Family x Miami Fitwear: Biker Shorts Release + More

Electric Family x Miami Fitwear: Biker Shorts Release + More

Drops Friday, July 9th @ 10AM PST

About This Collection:

We have partnered with Miami Fitwear to bring you this collab biker short. The biker short is made with premium fabric and features an all over geometric print with blacklight effects. Miami Fitwear founder, Raquel, also answered a few of our questions, check it out below!

Item Details:
  • Biker shorts drop Friday, July 9 @ 10AM PST
  • Premium polyester and lycra fabric with 100% cotton lining
  • Geometric all over print
  • Blacklight effect details
  • Electric Family logo print
  • Authenticity guaranteed

    1. Your brand is very inclusive of all body types and encourages individuals to express who they are. Where do you find your inspiration for the bold and colorful designs that come from Miami Fitwear?
    I love color and take inspiration from my travels and dreams. I also love for people to stand out and be able to express themselves without having to say much. Your clothes speak for you.

    2. What inspired you to work with charities?
    I’ve always felt that there are some things that money cannot buy. By partnering with charities I feel that I am able to give back and provide opportunities to communities in need. Which I do from my heart.

    3. What are a few things that you are currently doing that you’d like to see other fitness brands do?
    I would love to see more fitness brands customizing activewear for different body types and being more size inclusive.

    4. What made you want to branch out into producing garments for the electronic music community? Does music influence your design process?
    Music is a huge part of my life and design process. Growing up I have always loved electronic dance music. I wanted to create something that was fashionable and comfortable to allow freedom of expression through dance. I want people to focus on what they love at festivals and that is feeling free.

    5. What are a few artists that you are listening to on repeat?

    Gosh there are so many! Here are some that I totally jam out too in my car! Meduza, Alok, Alesso, and ILLENIUM

    6. Fun question: if you could attend any EDM event in the world, which would you choose and why?

    Tomorrowland! I would love to travel and visit Belgium and be able to be consumed by the entire out of this world experience. The food, the line ups, and diverse environment would be so amazing to experience.