Electric Family x Sumthin Sumthin: Jersey Release + More

Electric Family x Sumthin Sumthin: Jersey Release + More

About This Product:

We have partnered with Sumthin Sumthin to bring you this collab soccer jersey. This jersey is made from premium fabric and features a black and pink stripe sublimated design with full front Sumthin Sumthin logo on the front and an Electric Family woven label on the front bottom left hem. We also asked Sumthin Sumthin about a few of his top 5 favorite things, check it out below!


Soccer Jersey Details:

  • Soccer jersey is now available. 
  • Premium fabric
  • Black and pink striped body
  • Full Sumthin Sumthin logo front sublimated print
  • Electric Family woven label
  • Authenticity guaranteed

Sumthin Sumthin, what are your top 5 favorite:

  • Venues
    • The Complex (SLC)
    • The Belasco (LA)
    • Chop Shop (Chicago)
    • Elsewhere (Brooklyn)
    • Black Box (Denver)
  • Cities to Visit
    • Chicago, IL
    • Brooklyn, NY
    • San Diego, CA
    • Salt Lake City, UT
    • Austin, TX
  • Songs Right Now
    • Toy en el Mic - Bizzarap
    • Moving On - Oakk
    • Idea 36 - Machinedrum, Chrome Sparks
    • Clandestine - Eckle
    • Cycle - Su Na
  • Wishlist Artists to Collab With
    • Peekaboo
    • Mr. Carmack
    • Toryboi
    • Sam Gellaitry
    • Duskus
  • Show Essentials
    • Tequila
    • Button up shirt
    • Veggie platter
    • Hand towels
    • Earplugs