Electric Family x Dylan Matthew: Long Sleeve + Windbreaker Release

                     Drops Wednesday, December 29th @ 10am PST


About This Collection:

We have partnered with Dylan Matthew to bring you this collab long sleeve and windbreaker. The long sleeve and windbreaker are made from premium fabric and feature butterfly details. Check out the details for each piece below! 

Windbreaker Details:
  • Windbreaker drops Wednesday, December 29 @ 10am PST
  • Premium fabric
  • White body
  • Full back print
  • Front chest print
  • Green stripe detail
  • EF woven label
  • Authenticity guaranteed

Long Sleeve Details:
    • Long sleeve drops Wednesday, December 29 @ 10am PST
    • Premium fabric
    • Black body
    • Full chest and back prints
    • EF woven label
    • Authenticity guaranteed